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TV Advice (Xbox 360 Related =P)

Contrast ratio: 1000:1
Pixel resolution: 1680x1050

Terrible contrast ration and not even Full HD by that!?

Plus, TV is s**t. You want to be spending £400+ for a half decent TV


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Ahh thats my plans ruined haha :( To be truthful I have no idea what the contrast ratio and pixel resolution mean. Just want something in my bedroom to play 360 on as my current TV is like 15" and crap.
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Im selling my 26" Samsung LCD HD Ready TV which I was using for my 360, its a quality set, £190 ;)


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Theres a 20" Samsung for 169 IIRC, maybe even cheaper than that. Didnt take too much notice, but know it was peanuts

Scott S

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I live near one of these shops

I bought a TV for the bedroom from there, 26" LCD for £200 at the time and they were £180 last time I saw them in. It can be a bit 'pot luck' in the shop, but if you aren't looking for 'the best' (which, by the sounds of your price range, you possibly aren't) then you can usually find what you want.

They have an ebay shop you can try, might be worth a look.

Failing that, Richer Sounds is a great shop (IMO of course), I bought the TV for my living room from there and would happily buy from them again.
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If its only for xbox and not tv, get a monitor...guy on here is selling a 22inch for 80 quid...i have 3 xboxes at home, one of which is on a dell 19" monitor in my study, the picture is awesome on that, even at 720p...


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C.J couldnt agree more, I (amys brother) work at richer sounds get on the web. Really competitive prices and excellent service from all may end up paying a bit more then you like, but at the end of it you will have a much better set
Get on it
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no point in bothering with 1080p on sets that small anyway, you will never notice the difference between that and 720p.


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Got one today :)


I love it!