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TV Warranty/Repair Issues


ClioSport Club Member
  981 Cayman
Not sure this is the correct section, looking for some help anyway.

I bought a Hisense TV in May 2018, normally I would purchase from Richer Sounds or John Lewis for the extended warranty, however as this TV came with a 4 year warranty from Hisense (part of the World Cup promotion) I ended up buying it on an offer from AO.

I was happy with the set until June this year when it started crashing, this can be at any time, it can happen hourly or sometimes not for over a week. It can also be triggered by anything, using the smart system, turning up the volume, changing input etc.

Hisense sub contracted a local TV repair company, and despite 4 visits, replacement of parts, attempted firmware updates, and many many lies it is still not fixed. We are now waiting for replacement parts for the parts they replaced.

Feeling quite pissed off, and tbh ready to press buy on an OLED set from LG right now, I just want out of this.

I tried contacting AO and using the SOGA with a template @realnumber 1 suggested but they just told me I'd need to provide an engineers report at my cost to go ahead with this. I tried to find someone willing to do this, only one TV engineer was willing to help but he has now gone silent, I guess this just isn't worth his time.

Does anyone know if I could claim the money back through my CC, or is it too late for that? I guess the 4 year warranty was part of the product I purchased.

Hisense don't want to know me, any complaint to them results in a call back from the contracted TV repair fuckwits.

Any help appreciated, I have contemplated smashing it up and claiming on household but my accidental damage excess is too high to be worth the claim 😂

Edit: Also, the last time the fuckwits visited they witnessed the crash, which was useful, and I also have a video of it crashed which I was using with the engineer who was going to do a report until he went AWOL


ClioSport Club Member
  981 Cayman
Turns out sending a polite but firm email to every email address at Hisense UK I could find did just the trick.

Refund on it's way, OLED ordered.