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TV Size vs Room Size

  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
My room is 11ft square and I usually sit around 9ft from the TV. Based on these dimensions is it possible to decide what size TV is suitable for room?

I'd thought of a 37" but now not so sure. Maybe 32".... what do you think?

Also I bought this months What Video and High Definition TV Magazine and in the listings had every f**king TV reviewed except the 37WLT66 Toshiba Hi-Def LCD. Whats that all about! Grrr!

Thoughts appreciated.


ClioSport Club Member
we have a sony bravia 40 inch HD lcd and and you can watch it from about 5-6ft no problem so 9 ft is ok, when we first had it looked masive but we have got used to it now.
go for the 37 inch as you may regret getting a 32 inch later on


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  F31 330d
mines 37inch and i sit approx 10 feet away, wouldn't want to sit any closer
Got a 17ftx13ft front room and my 28" widescreen looks like a portable! Sofa'a about 10 foot away from it.
Going to get a 50" plasma next year and wall mount the begger ;)
Go for the biggest you can afford, you won't have to strain your eyes seeing all the small bits on the screen
  Revels Mum & Sister
32" about 9-10ft away

And for pure madness a 92" (Approx) screen also sat 10ft away LOL ;)
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my mates got 10' x 10' and hes got a 52" wide screen plazma and the porn on it is awesome! its like full size lol!
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Here's a simple formula to determine the size of the television that will best fit your space:
  • Measure the distance from where you'll be sitting to the TV screen in inches. Keep in mind the depth of the type of television set that you're considering - a flat panel TV is slimmer and doesn't require the depth that most traditional televisions do.
  • Divide that distance by three. The resulting number is, roughly, the size of the television you want. For example if you'll be sitting less than 60" from the tv screen, you should consider televisions that are under 20" (60/3 = 20). If you'll be sitting 96" from the tv screen, you should consider televisions around 32" (96/3=32).
A TV is measured diagonally based on its screen size, so a 32" television means that the screen is 32" when measured from the bottom left corner to the top right corner.
Here's something i found on the net while choosing my TV. I'm sat approx 6 feet away from the screen and i have a 32" LCD. Which is fine, i ended up not paying much attention to the formula, since i'll be moving out soon ;)