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Two quick questions...

  Mk1 1.4 RT
Brought some Megs Scratch X to begin removing my swirlies rather than forking out for a PC at the moment.
Washed, dryed, QD, clayed, QD and then masked off an area on the bonnet to compare.

My question is though, for how long should I work the area and how often to re-apply?

Maybe I'm just a wuss with no stamina!! :eek:

Question # 2;

Whenever I detail my car, afternoon usually, when I look out the window come late eveing time the roof is covered in condensation where I've applied wax or even QD.
Why is this and how can I prevent it?
Is it my product? NXT liquid in this case...

Cheers peoples,


  Octavia VRS
I've used Scratch X by hand a few times mate. Fooking hard work and it needs a few applications tbh. I apply using a Megs foam applicator, leave for a little while and then use a terry towel - need to use a fair bit of elbow grease!
  106 GTi
Small sections and multiple applications are the only way to work Scratch X. You need to make sure your working it correctly, work the product till there is nothing to remove/wipe off, this is the only it will do it's job. From my experience you will never get Scratch X to do the job of a machine polish.

Number 2, get a garage or cover!