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Tyre pressure

  Valver Lookalike Mk1 Ph3
I got 195/50/15's on, what's a good tyre pressure to keep them at?

44psi max.

Guy at the tyre shop said keep them at 30psi.

That about right?
Depends my Contis are best at 30~28 on the Toyos there best on the pressure evogones said maybe even higher.
I assume were on about cold pressures? Not for track day work etc.
  Valver Lookalike Mk1 Ph3
Why 2 psi more on the front btw???

I've got them on 32 at the front and 30 at the rear atm.
  R35 GTR
front 32 32, rear 29, 0 lol
was a week ago anyway, but 32, 30 now does feel alot better round corners.