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Tyre/spacer question

  Clio 182
I’m looking at changing all 4 tyres on my 182. I have 195s on at the moment but due to the lack of tyre options in 195s, I’m looking to switch to 205/45r16. However, I’m concerned they might scrub on the rear arches. The wheels themselves are turinis. The car is on eibach springs and has PMS 10mm axle spacers.
is anyone else running a similar set up with 205 tyres?


ClioSport Club Member
Im on coilovers with oem wheels running p zero 205/45, they are a bit taller than the ad08rs I have on the front as well. Have had 10mm spacers and now I think its even more due to scenic rear conversion so closer to turini et and zero scrubbing. But I am running 630lb rear springs.