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  1. B

    My New Clio 182

    Hi all, So I’m new to this forum, I just got a Clio 182 after having a mk2 golf. This is very different. As you can see I’ve got a few mods : air filter, miltek exhaust and uprated engine mounts. Would love some advice on maintaining the car as it’s got 77k miles full service history and most...
  2. edwarj123

    Reasonably priced track tyres

    Hi, I have 2 sets of wheels, I was going to keep 1 set for the road and the other just for track use (only a few times a year). What sort of 15" tyres should I be looking at for the track that are reasonably priced? Thanks
  3. Speedy300

    Winter tyres for sale - 195-45-16

    A friend of mine is selling his winter tyres, link to eBay below:
  4. P

    need new tyres any recommendations

    I need of some new front tyres ones that are on now are usless ... Any recommendations .. no cheap tat premium tyres
  5. GrahamV182

    New List 1B tyre - Extreme VR2

    The MSA have listed a new competition tyre ...... Extreme VR2 - which I believe is made in Poland? The tread pattern looks similar to the AR1 but the new VR2 comes in three different compounds (soft, medium or hard) which might make it a good option for competition use. Has anybody tried...
  6. MrBlonde

    Is this spec true?.Evo mag

    Ive Been reading an old copy of Evo Magazine with the article about the 206Gti Vs 172 Cup. When reading both specs it says that the cup came with 195/40/15 tyres and 6.5 width??
  7. MrBlonde

    Tyre sidewalls

    I guess bit of a strange one this but,i would like to see the side angle photo of turinis alloys with 205/45/16 or maybe 195 please,i would like to see what make of tyres fit the wheel the best.As i have rainsport3's on 205 and they dont fit the wheel like i would like them to fit.they look a...
  8. MrBlonde

    GoodYear Tyres

    Looking to get a pair of new tyres soon and going for 205/45/16 this time rather than 195.At the moment I have the rainsports3 which are good but I find the sidewall bit to weak and flex's to much,on my 205 I had Goodyear Eagle F1's which I really liked,so I'm looking to get either the old F1...
  9. 172_Tom

    eBay 10% off tyres

    Thought this might be useful for people on here. Code is CUKTYRESMAY16
  10. Knuckles

    Continental cs3 performance

    Bit of an odd one. I've been falling out with the cs3s fitted to the 197 recently. It started on a spirited country drive last year when the rear got a bit squiggly on perfectly dry roads. Normally it's always properly planted with cs3s all round. Then at oulton I could not get traction...
  11. R

    6j x 15 tyre choices?

    Hi guys, gonna need some new tyres in a bit, what size should I go for on the standard 15" alium alloys? As far as I know they come standard with 185/55r15 but i've heard some use 190 or 195 sections and anywhere from 45 to 55 walls. Which is best fitting and performance wise?
  12. Leonardo

    Clio 182 Cup tyres

    What are the best/decent tyres for a clio 182 cup for normal road use? I don't want to spend top money. I currently have 2 bridgestone potenzas with loads of tread left and 2 cheapo ones (a ninju and a nexan I think) with less tread so I want to put the new tyres on the front and relegate the...