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  Looking for a ph-quick...
Might have been done to death but here goes...
Im currently got 195/45/15's on the willy wheels i have ont he valver. Now, i have been told that 50's are better, is this true? I looking for some good gripping tyres i previously used toyo's which i was pretty impressed with. What would you recomend?

  Chocolate Bar™
50's are cheaper, but will be more bouncy. so a comfier drive on bumpy roads etc.

i'd go with 45's if you often push it, as there should be less give in the tyrewall and therefore handle better. altho in saying that ive had no problems whatsoever with 50's on my willy wheels.


ClioSport Club Member
  375bhp mk1 +Williams
195/45's all the way

i have toyo T1S on my compomotives.. and they are wicked, but they are really crap in the wet i find!

My next tyres will be Eagle F1's when i upgrade in december.
  Looking for a ph-quick...
Nice one guys! Well the ride is well harsh at the mo which is why im thinking of 50's. I rarely push it as Leicester is hardly the Nerbergring! But im open to ideas, might try the 50's see how they differ, ive always had 45's so might try the change!

Ok Next subject.....Which tyre?

  williams and trophy
not really tried anything other than michys on teh willy tbh. but im happy enough with em to not wanna try owt else tbh.

i stick wi 50's the coilovers would make the 45s far too harsh a ride for the roads round here.