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Ultimate Porsche Reg No... (pic)

  BMW M3
Saw this on the way back from work. And its a Turbo too.... yum yum

  RenaultSport clio 182 mk2
i test drove one of those about 2 months ago. Not bad for a 21 year old. Unbelievable bit of kit, and good fun!!
  BMW M3
Closer pic.... there isnt even any playing around with lettering.... (asnd it does say Turbo on the back.. just cant see it on cam phone)

How is there no playing around with the lettering?

The number plate isn't exactly THE 911 is it? It's illegal quite obviously. T11E 911 perhaps, but I didn't think you could have the lettering even like that? Someone will enlighten me I am sure.
^^ lol its straight is that plate m8 its just not a DVLA job. TB I'd be very suspicious of a car that had the plate T11E 911 thats a serial number not a reg plate ;)


that is not a 911 CARRERA 4 its a 911 Turbo 996

Could have an Turbo aerokit...
  BMW M3
The old school comment was from a freind who has seen it for years so might have had a few porkers in that time.
  a burnt one
definitely looks like THE 911 to me, surely if he was going to mess about with the numbers he wouldnt make it so obvious, and as said before, do you even get plates with a letter, two numbers and another letter?

I thought it was a letter and 2/3 numbers?
  BMW M3
clio172cup20 said:
that is not a 911 CARRERA 4 its a 911 Turbo 996

Could have an Turbo aerokit...

Thats the red 911 it was on before. I think he had had a few. Those sites never usually seem reliable anyway i dont think.
  a burnt one
Well something seems dodgy anyway, no status checks for that plate show up the correct car or even colour and the plate T11E 911 doesnt exist on any status checks

  BMW M3
Does seem odd. Ive typed in all the different cars I know and they all come back right on that site. Unless he just got that porsche and changes cars all the time. Not had time to update etc...
  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
do people realise how out of date and incorect those hpi checks are lol? IT took mine avbout 3 months to update!

That plate is THE 911, its prob off a 1960s car, before they bought in prefix plates.

My Dads friend had an old morris mariner i think it was with the plate COP 999. The car was scrapped and as you can imagine the plate went for about £25k lol.

Watch heartbeat all the plates are 3 letters 3 numbers.

My Dad had one jus tto hide the age of his car nothing special something like HGJ 765
  1.6 focus zetec....
That site seems to be pretty reliable... mines come up and not had the plate transfered that long!!

That plates real, it's a really old plate (before suffix & prefixes came out) That plate was in a mag I was reading the other day(possibly in the sunday times 'in gear' section) They also had POR 911, I believe they went for around 35k each (they were owned by two sisters)

The reg TUR80 used to be on a red Bentley Turbo R, I saw it ages ago, I even remember where I saw it:eek:
  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
T11 RBO (with a dot placed some where i think you can guess where ;)) is on an old shitty maserati too. its a right nail.
Might just be me, but I can actually see the dot in between the "H".

Look carefully.

If it was a "real plate" then why write T1.1E 911 and not just a straight THE 911?