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Unable to access the internet - Trojan virus found - help?!

  Mini JCW
As per the title, (I am accessing the net from my dads laptop atm) last night a rogue program called Antivirus Pro 2009 appeared on my computer, producing pop ups, security alerts and every time I accessed the internet would redirect me to their site to purchase said rogue software. After intstalling a malware free program (d/l from my dads and installed on mine via usb) it has cleared up all the pop ups, so called security alerts and the like. However, I still cannot access the internet nor the routers LAN - whenever I try and access the internet I get the following error message :

' is not set up to establish a connection on port "World Wide Web service (HTTP)" with this computer'

It is showing as if its connected to the internet, showing good signal strength, even pinging sites such as, and the routers IP address (through dos) I get a sub 20 ms result ; but when I diagnose problems this appears?

Can anyone help?
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  Fiesta ST
oh yes - cleared this off a customers PC last week - stuborn little bugger it is. I'll try and find the stuff I used to remove it - get ready for the long haul!
  Mini JCW
Cheers for the link up, I am just downloading the software now, but having downloaded another malware with no success I am not entirely hopeful :(

All the pop ups seem to have disappeared and the 16 infected files was removed (according to this malware program) and yet still no joy with internet access (everything else is working fine?!) - its strange that it won't even let me connect to the routers IP address either?