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Under 25 insurance for 172s

  Ford Mustang 5.0
EvilJohn said:
What companies will insure you on them, Norwich Union say they wont :S



We can quote 172's for drivers aged 21 and over.

If you would like a quote please input your details on our website and we will get back to you with a price.

Best Regards
Greenlight Insurance


I'm with Elephant! No-one else could touch them! Seems a few people on here have been Insured by them!
  Boxster S
I'm with Equity Red Star through Adrian Flux.

Good price, good service. Best quote I had from anywhere (next nearest was Elephant)

This was when i was 22, 4yrs ncb, sp30 in Sept.

  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
Directline are fine as long as you dont mod, though they aint too keen on disqualifications etc.

Try greenlight as mentioned, good for a starter
  Chocolate Bar™
i did a post on thsi not so long ago, try admiral/elephant got quoted just over a grand, and i'm 21 with 0 no claims bonus :)
i'm 21, 3 years ncb, 1 fault claim in 04. best quotes for me are about £900-1000 think they were from chuchill, direct line and greenlight
  The Bus and MRT
23, 5 years ncb and living in Stockport ~£800 not great but I think the area must be bad as it was ~£500 when I lived in Crewe.

That's with Tesco btw, they're fairly cheap but won't allow you to drive other cars 3rd party.
20 all clean 1 yrs ncb me the gf and me old man on, elephant £1600. no one else coulf touch them.

should go down to around 900-1200 next year they said.
  172 M69 eater
direct line were best for me... tis a bit crap that NU wont insure under 25 year olds... and i work for them lol
  tiTTy & SV650
John Elephant and Admiral and Bell Direct have always been best for me too. £550 at the mo with protected NCB and thats at 24 with 4 years NCB

Will try Greenlight when I'm 25 as they wouldn't protect my NCB last year
  Chocolate Bar™
got a quote today off admiral quoted me 1100 for a 10 month policy (u get 1 years ncb still however) and i'm 21 with 0 no claims bonus. Cant ask better than that :approve:

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Direct Line want £836 total for monthly payments so one off £153.30 and £65.27 a month so unless Greenlight can beat that by doing something else then we have a winner!
  Ford Mustang 5.0
EvilJohn said:
Direct Line want £836 total for monthly payments so one off £153.30 and £65.27 a month so unless Greenlight can beat that by doing something else then we have a winner!

Sorry mate our original quote is the lowest we can get. If you split it over instalments it would come out a bit more than direct line (£879 including interest)

Best Regards
Greenlight Insurance
elephant was cheapest for me at 20 - £1600.

Privilege was then cheapest at 21 cos I had 4 yrs NCB. Came down by a 1000. Even more when I came to renew it.

Im now 22 with 5yrs NCB and if I didn't have my NCB protected it would be around the £500 mark :approve:
  BMW 330d :)
Im with privilege... £480 with full no claims and im 25 now.... Best that I could get. Also insured for business use. And am covered for audio mods up to £1000 and it would only cost me an extra £90 for coilovers!

Was just about to get on the phone to privilege then. I thought you said you were under 25 and that it would only cost you £90 for coilovers.

I want to lower mine but they won't let me til I am 25.
  Burgandy 174 sport t
green light are 200 quid dearer than direct line, I really wanna change form them but they are by far the cheapest at the mo.
  RB 182
182 - £600 @ Renault insurance, best deal at the time as ive been with them for years. 24years old with 7 years no claims... Cant wait till im 25 :p