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upcoming dci owner

  1.5 Clio Dynamique
basically after weeks of thinking ''i need a new car.....but not another clio'', ive bitten the bullet and put a deposit down on a 05 1.5 clio dci 65.

Long story short but on saturday i went round with the gf looking at various car garages and we came across one with the said car in. had a good look round it and apart from a dirty seatbelt (which they said they would valet) and a light scratches it looked perfect, took it for a test drive and it drove perfect too (ok abit heavy but its a diesel its to be expected).

so with 100quid in my pocket and this car having all the features i am looking for in a car i went for it, and managed to knock £500 quid off the asking price :D

Apart from a thread about me being proud as punch with it etc, what are the main differences between a diesel clio and a petrol one?? Apart from the type of fuel and mpg