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**updated pics n new motor!!

Quote: Originally posted by Davehughes on 26 March 2005

there about the same as the 1.4 new way and the quicksilver
lol, but we dont want the 1.4 or quick silver thinking there as quick as a 172 now do we
  Chocolate Bar™

quite like the look of the washer jets on the dynamique bumper. have you wired them up to work or are they purely for decoration?

Both looking stunning, I have to say, allthough the inferno looks gorgous in the right light, I prefer the black here. It just looks so mean.

Top job for transforming your 1.2 to look like a 172, I didnt even realise untill I read the thread through.

As above though, you need the engine to back up the badges... but if your just gonna be cruising slowly whos gonna know eh ?

alround two mint motors.
  E60 diesel powah

The jet washers are for decoration yes mate...but if u want it too look like a 172 u gotta hav the right bits! Lol chris next weekend mate...thanks for comments! so far so good! not had one bad of yet!

Love the interno

Wish reno would colour code the blanking plates on the jet washer recess... they did on the 172 Cup but obviously cant be arsed on the new models