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upgrade to Nokia 5800

  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
My contract has all ready ran out and i quit fancy this phone, my mates works at t-mobile and he's got one and he's says there canny. It's in my price range and budget, would love the iphone but this is not far of it. can i get a few applications on this phone compared to the iphone and use google maps and all the other things like that?

i've never had a touch screen before and i think this will be good for me as the first one
  172 Cup, Ibiza Cupra
I had one for a day when I smashed my Blackberry up, took it back straight away. One of the worst phone i've used in the last 5 years.

It's nowhere near the iPhone, if you want a touch screen then get an iPhone or HTC Hero.
I sold mine to Mazuma after a few weeks.

Miles off the iphone. Although I sold my iphone for pennies and got a cheap SE phone.
  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
I've gone of the 5800 now and now going for a HTC hero G2, getting it for £35 ordering it very shortly :approve:
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Geddes were are you getting it from? T-mob have 18 month contract with 800mins/unlimited texts & internet for £30 a month
  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
Aye t-mobile, it's on their new £35 flext plan more texts and talk time and free 0800 numbers too or something and i've got that half price in with the internet and a 8gb card too, one thing i didnt check lol is the contract on their website it does say 24 month
  A well built VW
I have the 5800 and i think its a great phone loads of apps available and can be made to look like the iphone if you wish - i'd have another one if this broke