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Upgraded Brakes for 182

  RB 182
Hey Chaps, Thinking of upgrading my front and rear brakes but including the whole kit. :) Personaly i think Renault could have done a better job on them as they are pretty pants for all that power!

What is the most common kit used by you lot?! oh and what are the best places to look?

Ive seen some on the KTR site but they only do the front, also some by Shed racing i think?! Called AP Racing and they do a kit for the 172, got to wait till Monday tho untill the technical chappy can supply me with the technical info and pics.

Anyone use Brembo or too over rated?
Stock brakes are fine there stunningly powerful for the car compared to many other cars. The 182 wheels are the issue they don't allow the brakes to cool.

DS2500's are the best value IMO realy for uprated brakes but more important is to sort the wheels out as stock pads are half the price of DS2500's.
No need to uprate the rear brakes they do nothing although you cna get DS2500s and 3000 pads for the back for quite cheap.
FredYozzasport said:
shed's kit looks good (but i still see no need for 4pots on a clio! sorry shed)
I disagree but hey I like being different I loved 4 pots shame there so much money though.
  RB 182
I gave yozzasport a call last week and the DS2500's with new grooved discs look pretty smart and good value :)

The racing calipers just look the dogs tho! Are Willwood, KTR, Hi Spec Motorsport all the same in regards to just track use?! Will prob only take my car on one or two track days.... Untill i get the racing bug back lol.

Yozza, will call you at the end of the week once ive made my mind up.

Sending off my cv to AP Racing today so you never know, some staff discounts may be in order if i can get a job there :rasp: you never know! lol.

Oh and Edde, Why do the 182 wheels not allow for cooling?! Im looking at some 17" Kei Force 10 or 8 Alloy Wheels.
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  182 cup pack
Ηello guys.A question from me(I did'nt like to start a new topic)

Would the combination of oem discs,Ferodo ds2500(front) and Goodridge braided brake lines(front and back),be good for fast road use and 2-3 track days per year ????

Thanks on behalf...