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Upgraded (Hertz) speaker install - thoughts

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I've recently installed a pair of Hertz Dieci DSK 165 component speakers in the standard speaker locations.
Had to cut the door card back around the speaker & use MDF baffles to get the woofers to fit in there, but the baffles are securely held on the doorcard, and the speakers to them in turn.
Have put a very thin layer of foam between the door card/baffle & also between baffle/speaker to make sure there's an airtight seal. Was this a bad idea?

The tweeters went in the normal place under the dashboard (although they're not exactly a drop in fit!), and all four crossovers were mounted next to their respective speaker.
The crossovers are connected to the standard car wiring loom.

And i'm not that happy with how it sounds :( It's far too 'bright' - i.e. i've had to use the HU's equalizer (Alpine Alpine CDA-9833/5) to dial down the top end & boost the bottom end, as it was just too tinny. I've put the bass focus forwards 10points as well which helped a fraction.

I'm 99.9% sure everything is wired in phase. The crossovers are pre-wired so you have to use what they come with & to be fair the car's wiring loom wire was probably twice the thickness of the Hertz stuff.

I mainly play music from my phone through a Parrot mki9200 BT device which doesn't have many EQ options and sounds a bit bright itself anyway.

Short of re-wiring everything to use better cable throughout (which I have & could do - but the Parrot device complicates things), what options might I have to improve it?
I have 2 starter packs of Silent Coat sound-deadening, but it looks like a right faff to put into the doors so I chickened out!

Any advice greatly appreciated - or a helping hand down in Sth. Somerset! ;)
What stereo you got as you can route the parrot music through it in order to make it much less bright as the lowest frequency the mki will reproduce is 80Hz
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The HU is an Alpine CDA-9833/5 (I forget which but they're basically the same)

From memory the Parrot intercepts the wiring loom & the HU essentially goes through the Parrot (when it's not on), doesn't it?
I don't recall there being the option in the installation manual to have it the other way round as the Parrot has to be the last thing in the loop before the speakers.
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Will have another look then, still have the manual.
Will putting the sound-deadening help improve the woofers' performance? I've read that it should, but it looks like quite a bit of work to get the doors done even vaguely properly.

I'd like to rewire all the speaker wiring, bit annoying that Hertz make you use pre-wired inline crossovers TBH.
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Easier to use the in-lines with the existing wiring than have to plumb in x-overs though.

deadening in the doors should help you hear more of what the woofers are doing but they don't improve their performance per se.

I think... I might be wrong, MT will put me right if so :eek:
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Minor update, the speakers have started to be run-in and must be loosening up as there's a bit more bass/midrange present now.
The top end is still too bright/harsh though, so i'm going to run a load of new speaker cables through, have bought new connectors & crimp terminals (even found the Parrot ones!) so I can do it properly.

Will be using some old QED Qudos cable that i've got lying around, unless anyone has good things to say about the flat Vibe cable i've also got to hand?