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Upgrades For CUP

Does anyone know when the Cup ECU upgrade is coming out (as its the firsrt thing), and where can you buy it from?

Do you have to fit it yourself or does a Renault dealer fit it for you?

Is it still 200 + vat?

Any reports on how much better it makes an already great car?



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The Cup has a different ECU to the normal 172 anyway.

Whats this "upgrade" then?!

Tell me more... :D

The cup has a differnet ECU to the 172, who told you that?

Im going to order the ECU upgrade and put into my 172, cant see anything preventing me from doing so!

renault Sport are bringing out certain upgrades for the Cup ie exhaust system, ECU suspension ETC.

You can buy them to make your cup quicker without messing up the warranty.

I dont know if they will fit the 172, I should think its ok.


ECU should be out the first few weeks of February but get in line!

FYI:- the Cup does indeed currently have a different ECU setup to the standard 172 but the R-sport version is a replacement not a re-map.

Well hopefully Ill have it by the midland RR day so pop up and see it for yourself! Whether itll actually be any good well have to see on the day...

Get in line, where does this line start? ie where can I buy one from and do I fit it myself?

Do we have a firm price for it?


Its a Grpn N ECU for the CUP not just a remap - apparently gives 15% across the torque range and 15% more power - should be hitting 200BHP then with near 180Ib.ft Torque - combine that with Grp N zorst/replacemnt filter and a dose of dieting and wolla - one seriously quick motor!

just spoke to r-sport, they hope the ecu will be approved end of month, no real idea on prices yet, but when they are out, he said they need to be fitted by a renault garage but can only be ordered through the actual branch in Wimbledon.

Hope this helps!

When i go down, i might see if we can negotiate a cliosport discount!? but im not goin for a bit yet.

Well thats the idea isnt it with the upgrades - liek originally said in the brochure fort the Cup a series of performance upgrades will be available to turn your car into a full on race car for the road and track - and to go rallying the car had to be to Grp N spec - thats why the cup is homologated for Grp N rallying and thats why it dont have airbags, or ABS or any luxuries - a grp N car aint alloweed these! Just liek peougeot had to make 400 206 GTs for the wrc 206 to make it into rallying!

And for those of you who dont get this homolgated thing - read the flippin cup brochure and stop arguing! If renault wanted to go rallying they could have just used the standard 172 - wrong the FIA wouldnt approve that for reasons I have previously listed! thats why the cup was produced as a basis for a homolgated Grpn N track or rally car.......................and thats wh\at the upgrades will be for ideally - Grpn N cage, discs/pads, ECVU. filter relocation, race seats, weight loss and all the other things needed for a Grp N car. Grp N cars are basically have to be identical to their showroom brothers and sisters except they are allowed a few choice modifications to the engine - such as compression ratio altered, new ECU, headwork, valve springs, lightened conrods, and pulleys etc plus the interior mods and suspension/brakes etc. Its very strict and rightly so.

Hope this helps

The Grp N exhaust is some time off though... :(

Thats why Ive gone for a K-tec system. Although its not under renault warranty, itll have its own. The only thing is wont do without Renault approval is engine upgrades.

Loos like a race between Cupsize and I to get the first 200+Bhp Cup!

Let it begin...

Danny, youre the bench mark being that youre the first guy to have it RRd! im gunning for you first of all!

N.B. From reading these posts please dont think Im competitive. I just want to beat everyone at everything...


FFFWWOOOOHHH HHAAA HHAA HHAAA HAAAAAAAA! All of you can bask in my GLORY!!! LOL! and work from it! ;)

(stops drinkin his coffee and twitches slowly wide eyed over to the corner of the room)
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WRC cars do not have to be homologated. Grp N and Group A need to be homologated. There are no street going versions of the pukks WRC cars anymore. Last manufacturer to use a Grp A homologated car in the WRC was Mitsubishi.

So do I buy the ECU from Renault Sport then get my dealer to fit it? Or do I goto my dealer and have to explain to him what to do???



Eddd - they are on Nelson Industrial Estate in Wimbledon, but ive managed to lose their number even tho i dialled it a few hrs ago! doh! my desk is a mess! If you go to search and use the work FOUND itll find my topic RE findin a r-sport store, the numbs in there! or ring 192 with r-sport and address!


I would have thought the ECUs will work with the standard 172 as the engine is identical to the cup. Dont think it will work with the MK1 as they have a cable operated thottle as apposed to FBW throttle on the MK2s.

Cupsize - Some member, like BenR who works for renault are saying that renault arent supporting the group n thing. You dont have to homoglate group n cars! The whole point is theyre supposed to be showroom cars rallying, WRC is run by different people. The cup was originaly intended to be for the enthusiast market who could do group n racing, and so a diet of all luxurys were made, its nothing to do with homoglation. You can take ANY car group n rallying, all you need is the safety equipment.
  Clio 197

Rob, last time I checked, the Group N requirement was for 5000 examples to be built for homologation purposes. Same for Group A except that evolutions were allowed to be built in batches of 500. This is the reason that there are so many Scoobys and Evos on the road.

The S1600 Kit cars do not need to be homolgated in such numbers, but a certain number of Kit cars have to be made available at a certain price. Something like 200 and $100,000.

WRC cars are built in very limited numbers for the factory teams and most cannot be bought at all by privateers.

Yeah I thought that could be a problem with the mk1s but for a car out of warranty it doesnt matter that much anyway as a hill power chip or similar will do just the same thing.

The Cup is homolgated for Grp N - go ask Renault Sport if u dont believe me infact pick up a damn brochure and read it for yourself and at the same time have a wee think about why it wouldnt come with small luxuries etc????

U know when u buy a replacement green or K&N filter - well smack me thats actually known as an HOMOLGATED ELEMENt - ie it is modified for Grpn N and for FIA approval - checkout the new motorsport catalogue by Demon tweeks and look at the filter element for the 172 under the Green section - youll notice the words "Homolgated filters"

Any more takers who doubt or have a lack of knowledge on these things............

And yes the 206 Gran Turisom was also homolgated to make it longet to the minimum4.0m length required by FIA to rally in WRC - hence peougeot took the opportunity (well they kinda had too ) to make a special edition - conveniently making 400 which is all they needed to sell to use the 206WRC...........

Once renault reach the target number of Cups sold they are under no obligation to the public to sell any more!

But this obviously is all made;)



if you want further proof of what Tim is saying then ask the FIA

and they will laugh at you if you dont agree with them
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The homologation of the 206 is hardly anything like the way cars had to be homologated in the past for Group A which the WRC rules have replaced at the top level. The WRC cars have only superficial resemblence to any street version, particularly the Citroen, Peugeot, Skoda and Ford versions. It is a shame really, because if they were going by the old rules they would have to dump 5000 four wheel drive turbo cars on the market for us mortals to enjoy!

At least Mitsubishi and Subaru built the street cars!

Group N rules are the strictest and allow for little modification so to have a winner there they have to build a pretty decent street version. And we all benefit!



the mitsubushi cars up until very recently were actually not wrc cars

can you imagine road versions?

smells like trouble:(group B!!)

Lancia S4
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308 GTB
5 of the most leathal cars ever made (but fun)

Thats right but all Im saying is the Cup is homolgated for Grp N (or people who want to use it for Grp N) coz it has to be basically showroom spec!

I just cant wait for these upgrades. A guy at our local Reno garage has been testing the new ecu on his wifes cup for over a month. Has said there is improvement over the whole rev range especially at the top. He said you get an extra 500 rpm.

Will speak to him tomorrow to get an update on it and also to find out when Reno approves it.


Are you talking about Floyd?????

He was the chap who sold me my Cup, hes a really nice and knowledgeable chap. Do you live in MK


Thats the chap. Did he take you for a test drive? When he took me out, i was too impressed on the handling and performance to care about dying - he knows the limits of the car.

I live in Aylesbury but work in MK - linford wood around the corner from reno.

Yes he did take me for a test drive, i nearly messed myself, he is a very good driver indeed. That test drive pretty much sold me as well. I go in their every so often and have a chat, he told me that he was testing that ECU and was trying to find out details on the other mods.

Are you getting any mods for your car or waiting for reno?

I went to AutoXS today, and apparently a guy from EVO was in a few days ago with the Cup buying springs, short shift and wheels. This is what the sales rep said and did seem fairly honest.

Might get a scorpion system off them until the gp n exhaust is out.