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uprated engine mounts?

  172 cup TT
i dont think they are available but... Are there any stronger mounts available for the 172? - particularily the engine and upper gearbox mounts?

  172 cup TT
mmm Did think as much... the Ktec ones are standard reno too arent they - apart from the controversial lower dogbone (which im not after anyway)


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
Don't think there renault, just copies, could be wrong though
There a few there the race mount but there very hard not a good setup for road use track /race car only

Theres a place which sells uprated ones but the price is silly.
you can get a stiffer lower dog bone mount which makes everything feel alot tighter. You'll get the haters on here but if you keep an eye on your upper mounts you shouldnt get any problems with them.