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uprated valves?

  R35 GTR
Can you get uprated valves for the F4R? As I am getting the head off thought I may as well explore upgrading the components.
  R35 GTR
I have a budget. If they cost way more than the cost of me redoing the head a few times then I will stick with standard valves.

I bet they weren't cheap if Ben was looking at buying them.
  ITB'd MK1
I'd stick with standard. They're only an issue if you like the rev limiter too much and with the turbo conversion you're making peak torque way down the revs. I did find one brand of non genuine valves that are 1 piece rather than friction welded heads onto the shaft, but it was by chance and i can't remember what they were.
  Artic 182
What angle are the standard F4R seats? Might be worth a venture in 3angle+ if they are not standard
  2005 Nissan Navara
Not off the shelf. But there are companies who will make valves to your gemoetry/design.

Stainless valves are about £25 per piece, titanium about £75 per piece.