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Urgent Help - Insurance Runs Out Tonight


ClioSport Club Member
  Blk/Gld 182 Cupped

Right here goes...

My insurance runs out tonight and silly me thought i could do it now at this very minute BUT i didnt bank on Greenlight insurance being closed - shut at 12 today of all days :mad:

Now my second cheapest company shuts at 4pm today but the difference in price is this: £827.37 v £749.64

What should i do as the one thing missing from the £749.64 price is my girlfriend not being down to drive my car, basically what im asking is would it put the price up by over £50-£70? ( Shes 27 and she has 7 yrs no claims/no convictions etc,etc)

Anyone any guesses/ideas as i could be without my 182 till Monday otherwise :cry:



My greenlight quote didnt change when i asked about putting my Mum on there.

So i doubt it will change with your Missus on there.


ClioSport Club Member
  Blk/Gld 182 Cupped

Right thats good enough for me mate, cheers.

Ill just get my Rockhopper bike out for a day or two;)