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Urgent help needed

I need some legal advice. I had a knock with sumone in a car park. They say my fault i say theres. I had a NIP, the police took ages then they said they will not proceed to prosecute anyone.

Now the bloke keeps ringing saying he wants 120notes to repair the paint. He says he will go back to cops i dont pay.

What should i do????????

Help me please, as its doing my head in.



Car parks arent considered to be roads so I think theres a different set of rules for what you have to do to comply with the law... If the police said they wont prosecute anyone (do you mean theyre just not taking any further action) then both of you must have acted according to the law on this one, so dont panic! Talk to your insurance company and ask their advice on what to do... They get this kind of stuff daily, so theyre the best people to ask...

Tell him that if he does not stop calling you, YOULL Report HIM to the police (demanding money with menaces, something like that). Tell him at the start of each conversation that you are recording the call (better still, actually record it).

dont worry about him going to the police. Theyll just tell him to have a word with his insurance company.

Ah ok will do in the morning, cheers.

I rang the plod and they said he cant go back to them as they have decided to take no further action. They said to ring a solicetor.(spelling)


Clio_novice if he keeps ringing you surely you can use this as evidence to prove harassment so you can tell him that :). Sounds like he cant get any moeny of you either way so telling him you can do him for harassment should get him of your back :).