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Urgent help please for my clutch!

Hi guys, Im having a problem with my clutch for my 172, it all started two days ago ....

Everything was fine, i drive this everyday for 2 months and ive never experienced this feeling with the drive. Each time I change gear and put the clutch pedal down the car would shake. However i thought to myself it cant be that bad because if the clutch was so fucked it wouldnt even move the car. Then it started to get worse and worse so i decided to take it to my mate who works for renault. He took a look at it and to my suprise, when he looked at it was absouloutly fine LOL. So after finished chatting with him i looked stupid as he was saying everything is fine. 30 minutes after i left you can guess the rest, it all went fucked again. It shakes the most when setting off in first gear, from the outside its like a ticking noise and shaky car, i wouldnt like to be near this car at the traffic lights. So i decided to look under the bonnet and i realised that when i push the clutch down, this little "L" shaped metal thing with a cable was shaking and rattling, which was giving this noise i mentioned earlier. It makes the most noise when it reaches the biting point. Today was the worse drive ever, it shaked so much that twice the gear went from gear 1 back to neutra! Taking a closer look today, when the clutch goes down the black cable moves out of the rubber seal around the cable, please tell me whats wrong if you know, and how much it cost to repair and your thoughts! cheers all for reading
Update, my friend who works for renault just told me its either the clutch cable or fork but no matter what it is do not drive it anymore =( gotta take the bus to school now for f**k sake

btw help if you can please

Im thinking of buying a new clutch from renault and taking it elsewhere IE mr clutch or something, any suggestions?