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Urgent Help. Removing Front Seats

ok ive stripped rest of the car out as im swapping interior for a 16v one and ive come to the front seats and i cant get them out, the screws are really tight and wont move, ive gone at em that hard that the bit just spins in the head. how do i get them out?? some of the heads are just flat aswell with nothing for a screwdriver to fit into, what do i do about these? i need to kno asap as im in middle of doing it. cheers

Erm you need to be undoing the bolts from underneath the car mate, then you can take the entire seat/subframe unit out in one and transfering the subframe to the new seats if required - it sounds as if you are trying to undo them inside the car :-S

ah right, didnt know they were under the car. explains alot of things. are they clearly visible from under the car? anything else i need to know?

Erm now I cant really remember what the mk1s are like, and its cold outside so i aint going crawling under my williams at the mo... but I seem to remember two on the outside of the car for each seat, and two on the inside near or behind the exhaust heat shield, youll have to have a look/feel for them matey, but they are there.

im not right sure what im looking for or where they will be lol. are they directly beneath the seats? underneath something? no idea where anything is under the car lol.

You need to look under the car, there will be (near the outside edge underneath) either two holes through which you can get to two bolts (for each of the seats) or two plastic or rubber caps which you have to remove and then get to the bolts to undo, then the other bolts I think are in the middle of the car near the exhaust, maybe behind the exhaust heat shield.


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theres a hole in the exhaust heat shield to get at the bolts, I just took my passenger seat out today