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urgent infomation needed

  Clio 1.8 16v

i got caught doing 96mph in a 60 the other day but all he gave me was a producer and he never said i would get points!!but he did cauction me with the what u say will be given in evidance in court !he also ticked yes and no to the same question was there any passengers in my car does that make the ticket void?help much apreciated

any faults can void the form, however you have to proove it, so a classic one is to get the wrong colour of the car on the form , you can then contest, however can you proove that there was no one else in the car, your word against his and he a PC .

Simon ( ex P.I.G ! )

Was the copper on his own??

Did he show you video evedence of you speeding?

If he was on his own and he has no video evidence then it is his word against yours.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Thats all well and good but whos word are they gonna take ? Doubt if its yours.

Besides did you admit to doing that speed ? If so then your going to court.

Did he warn that he was going to report you for the offence of xxx and then caution you ie. read you your rights? If he did then you will (more than likely) get a summons from the magistrates.

Presumably he told you how he recorded your speed. (and you dont deny it). I believe that him being on his own makes no difference in England.

Look at for more information

i was told that if a police officer is on his own he cant do anything about it because he isnt even supposed to get out of his car alone, du to being attacked or whatever or his car being nicked, lol, think and instant ban is twice the speedlimt or over 100? aint sure on any of that though

  Clio 1.8 16v

i can prove it because my mate was in the car and my other mate who he pulled to had his gf with him!!he ticked both boxes on the slip were it says passengers he did read me my rights and also said he was writing to the courts saying that me and my mate were racing.he was on his own didnt have a on camera just this sterio type were it said my speed!!!when he cought us up we were only doing 50mph but he said he measured my speed between a white mark and up to a bridge.he didnt take any notes when he was talking to me either.its scaring the sh*t out of me though:(
  BMW 320d Sport

Sounds like a stitch up. If he was going to prosecute you would have been given a Notice of Intended Prosecution there and then. If one doesnt arrive within 14 days then you got away with it. Even if they do try it on, there are so many holes in the case against you, theres no way they could secure a conviction unless *you* really want them to win the case! The CPS wouldnt risk it from the sound of what youve said, although thats not to say they wont try and bluff you.

Matt - The policeman on his own along with the cant nick you if hes not wearing his hat lines are old wives tales that are both rubbish here in England and Wales (I think things are different North of the border in Scotland). I have a couple of friends who are policemen, they have confirmed that both the above are rubbish.

Nick - The NIP can be verbal, wklad has indicated that he may of had this because the copper said he would be writing to the courts.

wklad - If he has made errors in cautioning/reporting you then you should be OK, as the courts are unlikely go ahead with a prosecution if the copper has made mistakes. If I were you then Id be trying to find out exactly where you stand with regard to his mistakes and the method in which he recorded your speed.

Try that speed-trap bible site that I mentioned.

I guess that you could ask at the station when take your docs in what the deal is. Just dont be surprised if they have no idea as most Police Station front desks are manned by "civvy" types.

  Clio 1.8 16v

cheers guys been a good you think i will get any points as he did not say he would give them to me and only give me a producer?

Seeing as how you werent given a ticket at the roadside, any points/fines/bans will now be the decision of the courts (if it gets that far!)

Make sure you never give an officer your license. Never admit to speeding!! Ask the officer if he has had his speedo calibrated (same with speed cameras), if he hasnt, or cant prove he has, you cant get booked! Also if he is disrespectful to you in anyway, ask for his details, put him under presssure and hell be more likely to let you go. Try and waste as much time as possible, go into details, then its likely hell have to give priority to any 999 calls and hell just leave you. Most officers hate the paperwork, so just make it out that your sorry, make them laugh, say you needed a piss really bad!! Advice from a friend by the way, whos a PC.