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  172 Cup

I did chat to the chaps at Goodwood this year and they did say that something could be done as far a a club/group discount.

but dose anybody know anything about how good they are?
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Quote: Originally posted by Spoonie on 26 August 2005

How much is the subscription/sim card?

Its ok Ive found it

[Edited by Spoonie on 26 August 2005 at 11:37am]
where is it spoonie? i cant find it :confused:
  BMW M3 - For Sale!

ah sod that... if it was something like £20 annually then i wouldnt mind but i dont have a ferrari so im not gonna be payin that much!
  172 Cup

£300 for the unit, £10 for the simcard and £99 for 3 years cover.
And the unit can be swoped between cars as you sell one and get a new one.