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v-maxx rear adjusters ?


  Work van
hi is it a bad idea to take out the rear adjusters out will this effect the car in any other way then to make nice and low ??;)
  Ph1 track 172
i had gax coilover springs with the adjesters out for months,

made no difference except to the height.


ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 330d
Yes, made my rear shocks sit on the bump stops and if the rear end of my car was jacked up on the sills the springs would fall out.
  182 Cup/Mk5 Gti
i have the rear adjusters out on my vmaxx all ive left in is the threaded part of the adjuster and its fine i have no clunking or knocks! it also sits about 10mm lower aswell so defo worth doing ;)
  Ph1 track 172
if you have lowered shocks they shouldnt sit anywhere near the bump stops, its only about 7-10mm in the adjusters?!

and my apex 60mm springs used to fall out when jacked up lol, just jack up by the axle, job done.