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V-power 99ron

  RenaultSport cup172 TT309
Are we all using Shell V-power ? If not its time to start. Unbelivable !! I would have expected to have to spend a good grand on the car to make it perform this much better...


ClioSport Club Member
you coming from normal 95 ron to v-power or from optimax to v-power, i find it hard to beleive that you notice a big difference?

was going to fill up with it today but 92.5p vs 99.9 so didnt bother
Just by holding the fuel pump in my hand i felt a burst of energy. Those fumes are banging now man compered to that crap Optimax ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
No difference in performace for me , gone from always using optimax now using v-power.
  RS Clio 172 Ph1
Andyman said:
Its exactly the same stuff as Optimax bar a name change, of course there's no difference haha
I thought Optimax was 98 Ron, this new stuff is 99 whatever that is :S


ClioSport Club Member
Tbh i don't really notice much difference between normal 95 ron and high octane fuels like Optimax/V power BP ulitimate etc whislt driving. The only reason i use optimax is the car idles better and it cleans the engine better then any other fuel on the market.
The pumps at my local shell have the V-power logo on the pump and on the actual handle still say Optimax!!

As far as i know its just a name change to keep in line with the rest of the EU or something.

Big topic about it all on here the other week
  Titanium 182
Had a conversation with one of the managers of my local shell, they all got handouts on what the difference is, and it is 99RON, better cleaning agents etc, so nowt to do with EU I dont think :S
Just had a look on the shell site and it is up a RON after all !

No difference in performance from me.

**runs to bathroom to wipe egg off face** ;)
  Arctic blue 182
Andyman said:
As far as i know its just a name change to keep in line with the rest of the EU or something.
No it isn't. It's a new fuel. It's higher RON (99) than Optimax was and it has the Friction Modification Technology additives used in the Shell fuel for the Ferrari F1 cars.
  Tangoed Works
I have noticed no notable difference to response and power next to any other super unleaded. Im sure it may make the engine last a little longer in the long run, but in reality its not worth the extra cost. On normal unleaded my 182 returns 29/31 mpg on urban driving and 32-33 mpg with any sort of super inside it. Sainburys super is 93.9 round where I am, so paying 100.9 for V-Power is a waste of money IMO.

Probably would be best to do a remap with the V-Power in to make the most of its power enhancing capabilities, but then you would have to run it all the time.


  White Megane R26 F1 230
No diiference in performance, and I wouldn't have expected it from a 1 ron increase.. :S

Though I have noticed a small increase in MPG, gone from around 35.5 to around 37.5 Same run back and forward to work.
Seems to work wonders on MPG and smoothness IMO!

Any difference maybe down to the freshness of this v-power aswell !

For the little extra it is much better than any fuels IMO. I hope BP start competiting and bring out a higher RON fuel, as I find BP expensive and not that good compared to shell optimax/v-power versions. Apparently down to Shell Fuel being more long life, than the rest.

Mind you it may also be in my head, maybe we will never know !
  Spec C 12.5@110 (345/355)
Guys, this stuff has been in the tanks at Shell Stations for a good while now, probably the further south you are the longer it's been in there. They only just did the whole media thing last week. Any difference from this latest tank since the launch is, in my opinion, a placebo!

7p premium on normal unleaded, vs 6p for Optimax.

IMO - I would of thought they only changed labeling once they have had a new delivery. I think this because not all garages had changed labeling at launch and it/was a slow introduction to v-power accross all areas, hence would be down to delivery timings?

Maybe - I am just been a geek about it now. sorry
I've always run my valver on Optimax and now use V-Power and it feels ever so slightly smoother. Can't notice any performance difference though.
  Citroen DS3 DSport
I've never noticed much of a difference with Optimax in my 172 over standard 95 ron fuel. If anything I get worse economy using the higher ron fuels. Maybe my car was exclusively run on 95 from new before I bought it and after 32k miles now prefers that.

Jeff simply

ClioSport Club Member
  BMW M4; S1000 RR
Apparently you only notice a small difference in power between things like Bp normal and ultimate with cars of big power outputs, I really doubt you guys can feel the difference between a missing bhp or two, if that !!

Think about it, if it made something like a 5-10bhp difference EVERYONE would use it.
  Leon Cupra 300
i want to try this now. but still got 3/4 tank of crap 95 in at them moment, wish itd hurry up and use up
  Tangoed Works
^^^ Wouldnt worry yourself mate, will only feel a little smoother. Not a neck breaking power difference, but definately a wallet lightening difference!


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Your never going to see massive power gains on a 2.0l na engine , in fact probably none at all , just because its 99 ron , anybody who thinks that is living in cloud cuckoo land . The reason i use it is because its " supposed " to be better for your engine , with the cleaners it has in it , thats the only reason i use it , not for the imaginary 10 bhp that some people will they they've got , lol .
  172 cup'd extreme
well my first engine was run on optimax all its 22k life and it was still carbonated to fook when i rebuilt it so im guessing the hype is hype
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Hate to piss on your parade guys but the chances are, that none of you are running V Power as of yet, because the Stanlow refinery where Optimax is produced is still running the same process refining setup, and Optimax is still being refined there. It will change over very soon. I know this because I work for an oil and gas company who built the Stanlow refinery.