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Valver clutch

Whilst driving if I try to put any sort of power down too quickly my car judders (like a learner in tescos carpark!)

Have been told its my clutch on its way out. havent felt it slipping in the usual way (revsbut no speed)

Just wondering if this is what it is or something else cos the labour is sky high on replacing a clutch.
  MK1 Clio 16v
I've heard of cars juddering when a clutch isn't aligned properly, or something like that, but i'm no expert!
Guy who had it before me reconed he had a gear box recon 1k ago. dont think thats allighned proply. (wont go in reverse etc) genrally shoddy worksmanship

think ime gonna get it all riped out, new clutch and reffited....... properly.

  MK1 Clio 16v
Good idea.

Hope you're doing that yourself, or have very deep pockets!

For a new clutch, new head gasket, and full service, it cost me £1300. :(

Need to learn how to do all this stuff!
Thing is on a valver u either need the engine out or get it on a lift 2 move the gear box.

just not got that kinda resource.

Do all other work myslef, wunt be able to afford a valver otherwise.