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valver column question...


ClioSport Club Member
Im getting a bad knocking noise when turning right and it looks to be related to my knackered steering column. The rubber boot at the bottom i can move from side to side and near enough replicate the noise im getting when turning. Im no mechanic and wouldnt really want to take apart my dash to fit a replacement but Renault want £150+Vat anyway!

Ive heard from various people that they can be welded up? if i was to take my valver to a garage and ask them to weld it up what do i need to explain needs welding exactly?

well, for a start - i would say the £150 is actually a pretty good price especially when its work that is going to be covered by some sort of warranty.

However, welding things back up as it were is never the best thing to do in my opinion - personally i would take it to renault and let them do it - or get it to a garage making sure that their work is covered by some sort of warranty.

What makes you so certain its the steering column?