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Valver immobiliser,

  Clio Mk1 Hybrid

is there any way of doing away with the standard valver immobiliser as im having difficulties with sometimes my key fob wont deactivate it or open the doors which means i have to use the key to get in the car and put the key up to the sensor and keep pushin it until it works just want to do away with the immobiliser but isnt it built into the ecu??


you can switch the alarm/immobiliser off using the keyhole in the glove compartment i think. There is also another keyhole in the engine bay (by the washer fluid bottle) come to think of it. assuming youve got the key for these you can turn them off.

Im having the same problem as you - a new receiver unit is £80 from renault which should solve the problem. instead im saving up for a Toad Cat 1 Alarm.

Ive had enough of having to open the door with the keys and setting the alarm off! Makes me look dodgy!