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valver insurance

  1.2 16v

Been looking at a valver and was wondering what sort of quote i would be looking at for a standard valver. 18 with 1yrs no claims.

Any help appreciated

Try a quote online with elephant - I think they can give you a pretty reasonable quote. Let us know what you get it insured for as I am about the same age, but im not really planning on changing my car soon because of insurance.
  1.2 16v

Just got quoted from elephant with £1797.85 not to bad thats with a older women on the policy to. Insured on a 2.5l transit for £500 as a named driver tho was only £100 extra to add me. Why cant a valver insurance be so cheap :(

Down to £1678.04 with 2 older women named drivers
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Thats higher than I would have expected because I remember doing a few quote on there before to see what sort of premiums I would be looking at and I think it was lower than that. Is that with any mods?

Im sure someone else on here will suggest a better company though.

are these quotes f/c or tpft ??

the dude who bought my valver was 19 & he was quoted £1200 tpft on it.

try adrian flux, im 18, 1 years experience, no ncd, mum as named driver all mods declared came back with a quote of £1350, was cheapest i could find anywhere iirc

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thats tpft by the way.