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Valver Insurance


ClioSport Club Member

have been ringing around this morning and have a few quotes,

i have 1 years NCB and 2 SP30s and was looking at TPFT quotes,
Prestiege, Performance Direct, Liverpool Victoria, HIC and Lloyds all said NO.

but i got some prices best being

Elephant = £768 (TPFT) or £911 (Fully comp)

Adrian Flux or Higos with Highway = £800 (TPFT)

whats anybodies thoughts on above companies or if anybody has any recommendations please let me know

elephant and admiral will come down if u add an older female who has full no claims and no crashes etc

i added 2 women from work, saved me a fair bit

Im with elephant and i pay £218 TPFT on my valver (but im older lol!) my friend at work is 19 and she has a 106 gti - she went with elephant..

quote with her on her own = £1096

quote with me as named driver = £796

Makes so much sense to add someone!!

Highway/Adrain Flax have got a bit of a poor repuation for paying out, but maybe theyve got better there fine with me even with all the the isues Ive had, much better than the bigger companies.