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Valver mileages

  MK1 Clio 16v
Whats the mileage of your valver engine at the moment?

Mine is almost at 118k but still running strong.

Just wondered how many more miles i can expect to get out of the engine? It's just had a new headgasket and full service and runs almost as smooth as the day it came out of the factory.

I tend to drive the car quite hard at times, as i love driving it as it's supposed to be driven, but rarely take it above 6500RPM.

Whats the highest valver mileage you know of? I don't think i've ever seen one above 140,000 miles.


mine is 126.000 and still going strong (touch wood) it has fsh and has been regulary serviced since ive owned it however due to the milege im selling in the next couple of month's:(
  FULL FAT 182
My cars on 61k, it just keeps going and going. As long as it's serviced and looked after you should be ok.
  MK1 Clio 16v
Wise decision i think. I'm hoping to keep mine until my insurance runs out and then i'm thinking of buying an Audi A3 1.8T off a work colleage. Has around 100k on the clock but with it being an Audi it'll no doubt run much longer than a valver.

I'll be sad to see it go as well, it's just so much fun to drive!
  Mint Clio Valver!
85k. engine is poifect!
sometimes starting it is a bastid though!

jolly good fun though aren't they chaps. little french critters!
  MK1 Clio 16v
Love driving mine at 70/80mph on country roads, my suspension is quite stiff with little 14" wheels at the mo so it's like a rollercoaster when you go over a bump you fly out of your seat!
  MK1 Clio 16v
I guess i should be ok then.

Thing is, when i had my headgasket sorted and had a new clutch fitted (engine out job), the engineer told me the car has had a re-con/replacement engine in it at some point in it's life, as it had a temperature sticker on it or something like that.

The shell has done 117/8k, but i have no idea how many miles the current engine has done. He said it's done nowhere near 117k miles though as it runs far too well..

Who knows..!

I want to go for something with a turbo when i sell the valver and a bit more low end torque.
As long as they are looked after properly they seem to last a good while. I think I've heard of a few of them making it over the 200k mark. The real weakness of these cars is the gearbox.
  MK1 Clio 16v
What's the major killer for gearboxes? I've heard about loads of valvers needing new gearboxes but mine has been fine so far, touch wood.

I'm guessing ragging it will kill it eventually due to the strain?
Mine is on an original 14K and driven flat out for all of them and still going strong!
really they just don't seem to handle the power, and the diff circlip always seems to pop. That is the main reason that the JC5 (williams box) is a better box because it doesn't have a diff circlip iirc.


where talking about high milers here if mine were on 70k id be delighted;)