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vehicle check on DG02 HLW

Hi guys im on looking at a clio sport in the northeast area DG02 HLW its iceburg silver, has a cs Tax Disk .. im looking for former keepers of this car.. it,s been panel,d before as there is bits of over-spray,, what damage did it have,,

Also iv,e just done a vehicle check and the M,O,T comes back as this
* Vehicle registration mark from number plate​

Error: We are unable to process your request because the vehicle you searched for has no test that can be reported.
There are no reports on tests where:
  • the test did not have a valid result
  • the test is subject to an appeal
If you used a test number, please check that it came from a pass certificate or failure notice. You can also use the V5C document number. If you used a V5C document reference number, please make sure it’s from the most recent document you have.

Show helpContact usContact us
If your problems continue after entering the information, please phone the VOSA contact centre on 0300 123 9000. Calls provided by BT are charged at a low rate. Charges from other providers may vary.
Your call may be monitored or recorded for lawful purposes.

MOT test number from
-VT20 test certificate
-VT30 refusal certificate​

Show helpVT20 test certificate and VT30 refusal certificateVT20 test certificate and VT30 refusal certificate


Document reference number from V5C registration certificate

any one know anything about it.. thanks michelle..
  TTRS & V50
An apostrophe is different to a comma by the way.

Just because it's got overspray it doesn't mean it's had a new panel, could just be a scratch.

I don't understand the rest of the thread, have you typed in the mot ref number wrong ?