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Very please with renewal! :)

  Clio 172
Just got my renewal through from Bell at £820, currently paying 900-1000(not sure coz changed car half way through). So was pleased with that but I got a rate off compare the market for £695 from Admiral(same company as bell). I phoned up Bell, spoke to a really helpful guy called Jamie and he got my price down to £675.

So overall a great result :)

51 Reg Clio 172 Standard
I am 21
4years driving
3years NCB No points
both parents on policy
6k mileage
good postcode!
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Ste King 182

:| im 22 with 2 years NCB n the lowest quote i got was £2200 n my post code is ide say average thb it aint a bad one but aint posh either lol
and thats with admiral !!

Ste King 182

Thats high, try admiral or bell with both parents

thats who im with lol and both are on lol! ive got a crash on my records from a old corsa B i usto have lol !! that must b pushing it up :dead: