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vibrating speaker - ADVICE PLEASE

my clio extreme, has a vibration coming from the front drivers side speaker in the door, it only happens on bass notes, and not ALL the time, but even if i have the bass set to +2 it happens, its booked in for fri, but can anyone shed any light on this, is it something i can sort myself?

i have exactly the same car Dan. And i find taking the bass above +2 f**ks every speaker. I think its just a poor system but check the speaker guard isnt loose is the first tip. Otherwise get it replaced under warranty. And demand it to be replaced by the way, i wouldnt be suprised if a mechanic said it was fixed and then on a cold day it would start over again. A good way of making sure they do something is by telling them to give you the old speaker.

As a botch job you could just line the speaker cover with cotton wool or something.


  Audi TT Stronic

mine is set to +6 :eek: dont have any problems, I was going to be a smartarse and post that speakers are meant to vibrate otherwise you wouldnt hear anything.

But instead I will say you may have blown the cone from playing it too loud before, now when you try to put even a little bass through them you will get a farty sort of noise.

I dont know if this is exactly what you are refering to but just trying to help.

dont think its down to lack of a good system cos i can set the bass to almost full and none of the other speakers do it. just this one. its so iritating cos everything else about the car is great.


  Audi TT Stronic

there is a wire which is fed through the cone, it is normally glued to the paper cone, I suppose you could check to make sure that it isnt loose, and that the cone is free to move properly, that there isnt anything sitting on the cone etc.

all which could cause a noise.

Well i just think the standard speakers on these extremes are pants.... mines the same but passenger side... only some types of bass make it vibrate but its annoying.... i just put up with it

dont mean to sound offensive in any way, but get some decent speakers in the doors and plenty of sound deadening, that way tere will be no rattling

i appreciate what your saying , but the point is the car is less than a week old, and ALL of the other speakers are fine, so this means this one must be faulty

I know it maybe daunting about the whole yanking bits off, but thats all the mechanic will do at your garage, but with less care! Remember yours is just another car.

Otherwise, as i said b4, demand a replacement .