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Vicki BH interview

  BMW 320d Sport

So whos got the video footage or pictures of my interview with Vicki? I need to transcribe the interview, I think Ive got most of it written down but there were bits which werent on the script so to speak.

It was indeed me ! I got it all on video until she told me to turn it off, got 90% of it tho I think. Do you want me to send you a copy of the video Nick ? I also got loads of photos of the interview too.
  BMW 320d Sport

Not quite sure what you mean there Technicalman?

Dai, is it all digitised, can you turn it into an MPG or AVI file? I dont want you to be having to send video tapes through the post mate. Send the photos if youve got them online though"> or PM me and sort out how to get them to me. Cheers!