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Vredestein Tyres

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Came out amongst the big boys regularly in EVO mag's tyre tests but wondered if anyone had tried them?

How do they compare to F1's / PE2's / Toyo Proxies?
  172 cup
yer had them on my 1.8 16v clio excellent tyre with very predictable handling and long lasting. In comparission to F1's which i have on my car now there the vredesteins are not as good traction wise, and for some reason i have more faith in the f1's, seem to give that bit more confidence in the corners. But if you want a cheaper tyre thats up there, then definatly go for it
  Octavia vRS tfsi
The Ultrac Sessanta? Can't be gotten in anything smaller than r17 I've been told. So I haven't been able to try them out.
  Golf R/Leon FR
i only buy vredstein tyres, tried sportrac 2 and 3.

i found 2 to be better than 3 but still excellent tyres. they seem to last longer than any tyre ive tried.
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Anyone tried these since, or any of the below?

I'm stuck between F1 GSD3's, Vredestein Sportrac 3 or Maragoni Zeta Linea.

GSD3's are £60
Sportrac 3's are £53
Marangoni are £56.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
I've had the Sportrac 3's on my williams - still the best all round tyre I've used - Plan to get them for the 172.
  Add me 2 ur PS3 - Lylak
What other tyres have you tried? Any on my list?

I was hoping they were good, but how good are they to the others on my list?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
Well I swapped from my much hated GSD3's to these - I didn't like the GSD's on the willy, they were too soft, wore to quickly - granted they were ace in the dry but when it got damp I hated them, they came back in full wet situations though..

The sportrac 3's ultimately give away some grip but you have to be on the limit to notice but they worked so much better in grimey conditions and were the best in wet weather.

This was on 15's though 16's may alter the character of both.
  BMW M5 & E36
I had sportrac 2's on my old 1.4 and 182 briefly while I was running those wheels, good tyre. Mine seemed to almost give up when I got to about 3/4mm of tread though.