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VTS vs EVO 6

  mk2 172

lmao no im not jokin, i managed to get one to give it large, think i even got some of it on vid, it just happened so soon, he was there i gave it some then he mullered me down a road then f**ked off round a roundabout which is when i think i started filming, lol and he was miles away tho
  mk2 172

hu huh huh, f**kin rack em up those f**kin b*****d tw*t fukkas in 106 sh*t pieces, i fukkin kill all fukkin time in there bags of sh*t the bastrd f**kers

rack em up!

big up 172 boys goin out to ya
  mk2 172

yeah i amke it up, jealous i can race while your sat at home popping spots and dreaming about passing ur test
  Revels Mum & Sister

SHORTY whats your problem.

Interesting to hear about peoples adventures. Good fun racing or trying to get real fast cars to play ball.

See how fasy they are

Nice one craggy!!!

my problem is this guy gave me big time grief in one of my posts
so i dont see why other people cant talk about racing

it only seems to be craggy raced this craggy raced that
now come on fair is fair

look mate i have had a sh*t full of our differences on this forum
you seem to have a large following on here
so F**k it

Good luck to you


ClioSport Club Member

Shorty forums are all about people having differences of opinion - arguements are good - to be honest i like it when people have a go at each other - its boring when everyone licks each other ar5es!
  mk2 172

fair enough shorty, thing is i never gave you big time bloody grief!

here are all my posts from ur thread:-

"lol boys, my thoughts exactly, id love to give you a run to make sure these arent quicksilvers or people who dont realise there racing until ur in second"

"its not a claim, its a fact upto 80 im sure i could keep most 172s in there place, saying that, im gonna have you boys stacked up to race me at york he he, i want to take on a few as the power varys so much"

"ah yeah, no one has ever said ther 172 killers

*picture of spanner here*

joke btw he hehe"

"Already destroyed the f**king idiot who said he got 145 mph from his 106 gti
and now tonight another young f**king idiot who thinks that the 106 gti has the same poweras a subaru P1"i never posted this little chenut btw:)

"ts the aggressive attitude that does it shorty, if youd have just poseted you beat one youd have got the thumbs up, but just writing how you killed them, and there w**kers sort of thing is what does it"

hardly big grief

Craggy wasnt really the one that gave you grief - but I dont know why you got grief anyway to be honest, some double standards on here - how some people can justify racing certain cars and not others like some kind of unwritten rules - cant everyone just get on FFS. I would say a 106 Gti vs a 172 was not too bad a match, one 0-60 in about 7.4 one in about 6.9? could be wrong is im not really up on either car. Come to think of it after writing all of that I couldnt really give a toss anyway good on craggy for giving the Evo a go - I tried a 300bhp Cossie in my std Fiesta last year and got gubbed but it was v. v. funny at the time - I look like I was in reverse! Bet the cossie driver had a laugh:)
  mk2 172

no one sl*gs anyone for simply racing cars, people on ere have raced evo type machinery many a time, im not a bloody first. its the way in which people come across on the forum that attracts the hate mob. think shorty needs to use smileys etc more to not come accross so full of hate for other cars:D

had a wicked blast around in a v6 today
my mate is a service manager in renault where i live
it was his last day

i heard a beep outside and there was a lovely v6 clio waiting
what a motor , i could not stop smiling

have pics but dont know how to put them up
  Revels Mum & Sister

Send them to">

I will host them for you mate and post them on here!!


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

My mate(with the mk1 172) also used to have an Evo VI and he had them both at the same time too. Lucky git!

Anyway, on the day he collected the 172 from the garage, he went in the Evo, left it there, drove the 172 to my house, then we went back to the garage then he could collect the Evo.

I was in the 172, he was in the Evo...

He f*cking annihilated me in the Clio!!! :oops:
  mk2 172

almost forgot, i saw clio 16v boy off this forum too, hes just had a willy engine put in, woldnt race for some reason tho, he normally does

Id go up against an EVO or Scooby in my next car, sod it, Id even take on Porsches/Lotus etc...

But I wouldnt mess with Craggy in his VTS....!

No really...Just in case... :)

P.S. Next car will be either a 300ZX Twin Turbo or Mazda RX-7 Turbo...

Prolly the 300ZX :cool:
  williams and trophy

hehe pugboy ive only come up against 1 172 that was worthy of the name so far............but your welcome to come try yours out
  williams and trophy


ive jus noticed its a cup :D

last time i had the chance to go against 1 i broke me car......

payback time now thats sorted??????