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wales meet this sun

Basically as ive been stood up by girl can now attend this, so my question is..................


Dont want to disappoint you mate...but I dont know of any female Cliosport members in the area! (not ones whove come to meets in the past anyway).

ah well!!! just wondering, imagine finding a well fit bird who was into clios/cars as much as myself. bloody dream come true!!!
  Toureg vW Transporte

mines trying to tell me were going down in her corsa gsi... no no no no no, i dont think so dear

They are 2 REALLY fit birds in Cardiff who own modified clios both Dynamiques with rims tints adn installs etc one is blonde one brunette the brunette once said to me my system is better than yours i said why adn she said "because i have a pink install" mmmm:confused: