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Want a 172, but ph1 or ph2????

Hi, just registered here and hoping to buy a 172 very soon.
But do i go for a ph1 or ph2?

Are the only differences between the two, exterior wise???

Personally i think the ph2 looks nicer, but in some cases theres a 1k £ price difference between a good ph1 and a good ph2.

Any opinions are welcome.
  Iceberg Ph1
Ph1 FTW!...

The Ph2 is drive by wire, (electronic throttle etc) causes lag (how much is uncertain, but nothing terrible!)
Ph1 is direct cable.. pedal to throttle. no lag just pure power.. hence the Ph1 nickname of Ph-Quick

Its a personal opinion mind, people do prefer the newer Ph2 because it is a bit more coasy, (climate control, Xenon lights, auto wipes lights etc) but the Ph1 is a bit more raw.. to which I prefer!

Hopefully someone else can come on a give you some more info to be more specific.

Good luck with the purchase of either ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
I've owned both. I prefer the ph1, but I don't mind when bits go wrong as I tend to uprate them at the same time. My brothers ph2 has much less go wrong. Ph2 also has the far better interior.
  Titanium 182
My ph1 feels... More Raw than my 182 (Which I imagine is similar to ph2 172)

throttle being cable not electronic is stiffer which also feels odd. Feels faster too.

I like the ph1 ! :D
Buy the newest one you can afford. Ph2 interior is much nicer, very little in it speed wise, handling is subjective.

Ph2 just looks nicer imho.
The ph2 does look better imo, i just wanted opinions of whether its worth the extra cash to get a ph2.

Whats the difference between the interiors? Any pics?

Cheers for the replies
  Titanium 182
Ph1 interior is blue, blue (p)leather on the seats, blue carpet, part grey/blue dash.

Looks kinda odd but I quite like it.
Does look dated.
  Iceberg Ph1
The ph2 does look better imo, i just wanted opinions of whether its worth the extra cash to get a ph2.

Whats the difference between the interiors? Any pics?

Cheers for the replies

I think the Ph1 and the Ph2 have the same seats?

Dash and that are different mind.. I shall have a look see.. otherwise I know someone will upload in a min
  Iceberg Ph1
This is the Ph1


Ph2 Interior

  Iceberg Ph1
Thanks for the pics.

Cup is the lighter version yeah? Whats missing from a normal 172 to get it lighter????

No probs..
All the mod cons.. A/C, Xenons, Auto lights wipers etc, chassis is stiffer and so is the suspension, better driving experience all round
  Iceberg Ph1
Hmm, not sure whether id miss the mod con's!!! lol

(fook, im sounding old,lol)

Its a reasonable consideration, I went from a top spec Pug 307 with every luxury available to the Clio with well.. A/C and PAS, haha. oh and lekky windows and mirrors of course :rasp:
Driving experience was worth the sacrifice tbh though.. Like i said though, it is more personal preference.. Think you could live without?

The Cup is a much better car in comparison to the standard Ph2 172 (as I'm sure most people would agree)
  RenaultSport 172
I've owned both and sold my Ph2 172 after a very short 6 months but after having my Ph1 9 months I absolutly love it!

Driving the ph1 is so much more of an involving experience. Love it. :)

Plus with the ph1 you get the nice seats etc and tbh adding aftermarket Xenons isn't too difficult.


ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
Ph1 anyday of the week, so much more driver focused!
  123D Coupe + MK1 MX5
I still miss my ph1, over a year since I owned it.

Ph1 is also lighter than a Ph2 and has a longer ratio'd gearbox too, I managed to hit over 70mph in 2nd gear in mine when I drove like I stole it.
  Never above 25mpg
Went for PH2 172 for toys and comfort!

If I wanted no ABS and rubbish interior would've gone for a cup personally :)
  Golf GTD Mk7
the ph1 is a silver only car imo, and it won't be easy to find a good example of it. I'd go for the ph2 personally
It seems theres quite a few ph1 fans on here then.

TBH mod cons arent a big concern for me, having driven 10+ year old cars for a while, auto wipers etc isnt something im used to, so probably not something id miss.
Will probably look for a ph1 172 or cup :)
  arctic 182 ff
had a 172 cup which i loved,but had to sell it,just got myself a black ph1,i prefer the ph2 interior but apart from that i love the ph1,in my eyes to me the ph1 was a good alternitave.the choice is yours ha


ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
The ph1 has all the mod cons of a ph2 (except traction control and climate control)


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
Id rather have a ph1 than a cup. Pretty much same weight, but you get ac and abs.
  Clio 172 Cup!
Ph2 Looks so much nicer! :cool: Get a Cup! m8 if you want toys get a BMW or something!
Hot hatches are not about Toys! Are They? :S
  Titanium 182
Remember Ph1's are a few grand cheaper. I sold my 182 for 6k and got the ph1 for 2k and bar the slightly older looking interior its the same car, just a bit more raw and fun to drive instead of being slightly quieter.
I've a got a ph1 and love it. It looks better than the ph2 imo. The ph2 172 looks like a Dynamique from a distance. The 172 cups are stunning but for me it had to be the ph1 172.

I love the rawness of the ph1.
  Mustang, S13, AX GT
I guess it depends on what your looking for, in terms of looks I think they both look equally good personally. The driving experience I cant comment on really, I've never driven a ph1 but I cant see there being a huge difference between the 2 and the differences will be based on personaly preference. The biggest factor for me was the toys. I've got another car with absolutely no luxuries about it at all, so I wanted a nice comfy car with all the mod cons that I could still enjoy, so I picked the ph2. If I wanted a pure drivers car I'd probably look at a 172cup. If I wanted a really nice 172, wasn't too fussed about having the newer toys and didnt wanna spend a fortune I'd pick a ph1.
It does all depend on what you ware goin to do with the car really. If you want an everyday car thats comfy and easy to drive with a little poke get a Ph2. If planning on just having a quick car, get a ph1.

I've got a Ph1 and love it, best car I've owned and IMO its the more agressive looking out of the two. As said before a standard 172 from the fron does look like a normal lower model Clio. Ph1's are becoming more popular because when looking "track like" they do look fecking awesome! And mroe and more are doing it just because they are cheaper.

The Ph1 does feel a lot rawer and I do feel I have more control over it. It maybe just because I've modifed it though!

Even if you did buy a Ph1 for a comfy car there isn't much difference except the exterior/interior looks. You can buy HID's for the Ph1 to look like Xenons due to the lens in the light. And the interior can be swapped -the dash without a big ball ache.

All depends on what you've got to spend really!