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WARNING-1997 1.2 rn owners

i had the rear break light on the boot under the windscreen stolen from my clio(its very easy).they can then access the boot by getting to the lock through the massive hole that the break light has just left!

Most common thieves are too stupid to notice tho - I mean they are serious f**k wits!

I used to have a 205GTi - anybord who owns a Peugeot knows that to get into the boot you have to push a button to release the lock... thieves tried to get into the boot on mine by ripping out the lock...

"Hold on a sec - doesnt ripping out the lock remove the button as well?!?!" I hear you say...

Why yes it does - therefore preventing anyone from getting into the boot at all!

I repeat - F**k Wits!!! :devilish:

um, i can get into my car with a coat hanger.........which is scary....locked myself out so head to learn fast, now i can do any car with the pop-up type door locks.

i dont feel so safe now....

Ueah i can get into your car BenR with a bit of packing tape!;)

But dont blame me for eating all your sweets in the glove box! it wasnt me:D

yea, my bro in law taight me that one! lol

But packing tape/freakin hard plastic stuff wasnt available at the time.....haha

I dont keep sweets......i keep donuts


ClioSport Club Member
  Golf GTi DSG

Theres another design fault in mk1 clios you might not know about, friend of mine told me!
The 2 water hole things under the rear windscreen, whack a couple of screwdrivers in it and itll pop out!