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Warranty Rules

In this weekends (3 Nov) Sunday Times Motoring supplement problem page was a question from someone asking about the validity of the warranty on their imported VW. The following was the reply. Thought that it may be of some interest to people.

Quote: All cars built before this year and sold within the European Union come with a one-year factory warranty. From the beginning of this year, all cars must come with a two-year factory warranty. Some manufacturers also choose to offer longer periods of cover; sometimes this is a factory warranty but often it is a local dealer warranty. Under European law, all [VW] dealers have to honour the factory warranties but are under no compulsion to honour dealer warranties. You should therefore check which type of warranty you have, if your car is more than one-year old. If the dealer refuses to carry out the work, ask the service manager to confirm in writing that the warranty will not be honoured. You should find that this leads to a rapid change of heart. If not, try contacting the Office of Fair Trading on 08457 224 499.