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My 18000 mile service is due soon. I have heard that some manufacturers require your car to be serviced at a dealer in order to keep your warranty valid. Does any one know if this is true for renault warranties as a service is alot more expensive than one from a normal garage?

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I know its expensive and some of them are monkeys, but its worth getting work done at renault garage, as all the parts and labour is guaranteed for one years warranty.....


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Renault parts are also used by other garages too, so will also have the same guarantee. Our local garage has deliveries every day by the dealers vans, they can order parts / filters / radiators or whatever genuine parts they need for services /repairs etc by 9.00 am and they are delivered before 10.30 am.



As I understand it, as long as you use renault parts you will keep the manufacturors warranty, year1, however, if the car is not serviced by a main dealer you loose the dealers warranty i.e. yrs 2&3
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If you want to enjoy the benefits of the 3yr warranty on your new Renault vehicle here is what you need to do. (Applies to cars bought in the EU - excludes Cyprus imports!)

Have the vehicle serviced on time/mileage at a Renault dealer.

If you do not have your vehicle serviced at a Renault Dealer then the 2nd/3rd year warranty (which is a contribution system) will be null and void.

Taking it to a local garage, even if they use genuine parts, for a service will still invalidate your 2nd / 3rd year warranty. (after the 1st year)

This is a free country and you can take your car anywhere you like to have it serviced or repaired, but you will loose your warranty.

I havnt posted this reply to make you go to Renault but just as a warning of the consequencies of not using a dealer.

The choice, as always, is yours.