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Warrety Advice needed HELP!!!!!

  RenaultSport Clio 182 CUP
Hiya all

In need of some advice, brought my 182 to Renault for some warrenty work to be done, however, when repairing it, they said they come accross 8 wires in the loom which has been cut into and they would get back to me. I was totaly unaware of any of this and the previous owner told me when he sold it, that it was completely standard and that he hadnt done anything to it :mad: . Now im worried that my warrenty will be void and will be left with a big bill.

I was just wondering where I stand in terms of the bill, when I brought it in, all the work was going to be done under warrenty free of charge. They havent got back to me yet and iv not agreed to have any work done, just wondering am i now liable for the time they have spent on it if my warrenty is void or will it still be free as when I brought it in, it was under warrenty. Im just worried if they have spent a whole day on it, im going to get a huge labour bill which I cant afford as if they had said It wasnt under warrenty, i wouldnt have brought it in?

Many Thanks

  tiTTy & SV650
they can bill u for checking it if its not deemed to be under warranty, whats the problem, do these wires affect it?


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Like rory says whats the car gone in for , are the wires related to the original problem ? If they aren't related then you should have you warranty work carried out with no problem .
  RenaultSport Clio 182 CUP
Thanks for the info, well the car keeps cutting out whislt driving and when looking over the engine, they noticed the wirse from the loom had been cut into for some unknown reason and the car had been previously modified. I was just wondering, wouldnt they have to tell me first if the warrently is void before carrying out any further work?

Also, I brought the car on a private sale and the previous owner said it had full warrenty and had not been moddified and was totaly standard. I think iv been done over like a kipper!