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Washer Fluid!!

  Clio V6 255

Anyone know of washer fluid that doesnt smell like toilet detergent?!

im sick of getting a whiff of toxic fumes whenever there is bug juice on the windscreen!
  Audi S3

if they dont have the one u want out of the list though dont quote me may have mixed a few up that arnt there!
Do know for sure there is a lemon though as thats waht i use

there may be an apple one!


u should be thankful u can smell it, i poured a litre of the stuff in the night before last and come the morning the whole lot had disappeared.

cant work out for the life of me where its leaking out but ive got one dirty windscreen at the moment.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Hype a few people have found the washer balls that clean the lights maybe leaking. Check these first...

cheers mate, it could well be. i dont think the headlight washers ever worked anyway, and theres often a trail of dried liquid coming from them. this might be a stupid question but would this be covered under the warranty?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I think so as a few people have gone back to get this done. The other issue with the headlamp washer balls is they tend to fly out leave you Balless !!!
  7.6cc :D

slightly off subject i know, but wouldnt it be cool if you had a squirter that squirted chocolate sauce at your mouth while you drive
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

You really have lost the plot Jilly. BTW I hate choclate sauce, it makes me feel ill Yuck ! Would have to be Caramel

Hype, exactly the same happened to me. It was identified at the dealers as being the headlamp washers leaking, and yes, they are being replaced under warranty.