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Washer Jet Advice

  Renault Clio 197 ('08)
Hey all,

Got a problem with my washer jets n just can't seem to solve it! I can't get any water through my back window jet? Whenever I try, I get water out of my front jets? I've had my spoiler off and disconnected the pipe but still nothing? Can I remove the water tank if I remove the black trim and the wipers? I unbolted the wipers but they wouldn't budge - gonna invest in a removal tool me thinks! Any suggestions on the best way to solve this?? Cheers. Dan.
When you work the back washer jet can you hear the motor going under the bonnet - N/S scuttle panel at the back? Whip the scuttle panel off and check the wiring on the plug, can get soaked with water.

Have you checked your fuse, or it might be a blocked/trapped pipe.
  Renault Clio 197 ('08)
Ok when I twist my rear washer control the motor definitely works cos I get spray out the front but nothing out the back. I'm guessin that means I have a blocked pipe somewhere? How's the best way to unblock it??? Any ideas?
  BMW F31
get an air line and blow it through? have you checked its not being pinched anywhere? i took my kick panel and side trim by the seat off at the weekend to run some cable through, where the idiots had put the disc changer cable they had moved the pipe and it was being pinched! now my water flows nice and fast ;)
  Renault Clio 197 ('08)
Hmmm, well I have all my scuttle panel n wipers off now and still can't work it out. I've thoroughly cleaned the tank n the front washers are great now. With the headlights on, after a short delay one headlamp washer fires but the other doesn't - guess that could be a block pipe? But I'm replacing those jets anyway cos the balls just keep flying out. As for the rear one - I'm baffled!!! I have the spoiler off and pipe disconnected and when I twist the button for water the wiper fires and you can hear a pump but water comes out of my front jets? Is this normal or have I got a nasty problem? Also am I correct in saying there are two pumps? I can see two on my washer fluid bottle but which does what? Help would be greatly appreciated! Really annoying me now! Will get my compressor out and blast the rear pipe with an air line then I guess I'll have to start removing the trim inside to look for a trapped pipe!!! Any more ideas? Thanks!
  Renault Clio 197 ('08)
Okay sorted! Whipped everything apart and got the pumps out - the rear and front screen pump wasn't switching over so I managed to get one from citroen n that's sorted the problem! Very tricky to get the pumps in and out but being a plumber I know a good trick - a dribble of washing up liquid on the rubber and it slips straight into the tank!