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Water - Drivers Foot Well


ClioSport Club Member

The drivers footwell is soaking wet.

So, anyone know what is leaking and how much itll cost me to get fixed?

Ive no clue where it is coming from, it has never done it before, but noticed it last night after the terrential (sp?) rain the last couple of days.

Cheers if anyone can help.



  RS 182 - Black Gold

Cud be leakign thru the door?

It has been known too.

Wot shape/age etc is ur clio?

Cud it have been thru the sunroof? and seaped onto floor area?

Or possibly you spilt something?


ClioSport Club Member

MK 1 PH3, R Reg RL.

Checked the door, the seal seems fine. Will check it again in a bit with a jug of water.

Nothing else seems wet, or to have been wet, just that area, as if it has just appeared, lol.

No Sun roof, so cant be that.