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Water in my Cup

While poking around under the carpets, looking for suitable rollcage mountings i noticed the soundproofing felt behind the drivers seat was damp. After further investigation involving lifting the rear seat I noticed a little mud, sand and water gathered around the 3 rear suspension mounting bolts. Either theyre not done up properly or the hole they pass through is too large and spray off the rear wheel is getting in, anyway, will give the garage a shout tomorrow. Anyone else with similar findings?

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When I first had my ordinary 172, I discovered water in my spare wheel well! I havent heard that anyone else has had this, particularly with the Cup!
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Water ingress can be caused by several things.

The most important one is to make sure you have shut your windows, click start and then click shut down windows.

Another posibilty is that the drain tubes along the inner sill panel have not become clogged with underseal from the factory or just general debris. You will need to check these drain points from under neath the car. There are 3 drain points Top (front) middle( Middle) or bottom (rear) guess which one Barrymore prefers!!!!!

These points are located along the inner sill panel and are crecsent shaped. Open them up with a screwdriver and just watch the water poor out. If this doesnt cure the ingress, check the seating of the rear lamp clusters. These must be located correctly. Also check to make sure the wiring loom to the lights has not been trapped behind the light cluster seal. Obvious when you remove the cluster.

hope that helps,


Well, at least we know that Renault can now build a fully functional cup, it even holds water :D :p, now just gotta wait for the RenaultSport Clio 172 Saucer ;)


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Can you please explain your picture to me. I can see the wheel and tyre but what is that pointy thing etc?


I can only see a red cross in a square - what else should be there?
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Meant to be an EMBARRASSED smiley! Didnt come out coz I moved it and resized it!:oops:

Now Im really embarrassed!