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Water leak by Cambelt! over heating!

  clio mk1 & Toyota Supra
Hi guys,

i have a 1996 Renault Clio Versaille 1.2 and im having a water leak problem.

Last night as i drove home the warning light came on and the pretty much stalled out over heating. managed to pull over and let it cool down put some water i had in the car in it and nurse the car home. This morning i filled up the tank and checked under the car only to see that a steady stream of water was leaking out under the car. it was coming over the top of the cambelt.

any ideas what i can do to fix it? i need to use the car, im thinking its probably the water pump, however would you recommend me throwing some rad weld down the pipes just in case?

need some advice on this one folks!




ClioSport Club Member
  Focus ST225, Focus E
water pump


get it changed asap before it gives way completly, also i wouldnt recomend radiatior weld as it can sometimes just build up in one place and block parts of the system... we had a car in with fucked head gasket because the prev owner tried using that stuff.